Stephanie Renee Mcguire Killed My Father, Dennis Frank Huggard at 12:40pm, Friday October 9, 2015 in American Fork, Utah.

Stephanie took my Dad from me 863 days ago, which was the last time I stood face-to-face with my best friend.

Stephanie has had to show up to court more than once to try to explain why she blew through a red light and hit not the first car through, but the second - almost instantly killing my 68 year old Dad on the road in front of many witnesses - some of which were so traumatized that they asked for professional help in an effort to deal with the horrific and extremely brutal death they witnessed first-hand. This happened just across the street from the American Fork Hospital (near the only traffic-light in the area) and few blocks south of the Mount Timpanogos Temple...

Stephanie claims that she had been having problems blacking out regularly and she was not sure why. My question for her is this: Why were you behind the wheel if you knew you had a history of blacking out? My Father was just returning from dropping off my niece at pre-school. Three minutes earlier and this would have been a child and her Grandfather dead, and yet no one seems to wonder why someone who had a history of losing control decided it was a wise idea to get behind the wheel of 3000 pound killing machine - all while knowing she had a history of blacking-out.

Dad with the kids. Dad with his Ranger. Dad at the cabin.

At this point it seems that everyone involved (except Lt. Sam Liddiard) just wants this issue to go away. Theft is a felony in Utah, but killing a man because you were not in control of your vehicle is a misdemeanor. With the deal she has arranged, it appears that taking my Dads life on the way home from the chiropracter carries significantly less consequences than stealing a set of golf clubs from his garage.

It appears that wealth and / or connections really can buy freedom - regardless of guilt or fault.

We want to especially thank Lt. Sam Liddiard. He was at the scene and has been there for my Mother ever since this happened. He has gone over and above the call of duty to help and communicate with my Mom and kept her involved in the process as this has wound through the court system. Sam has been the single ray of light throughout this whole nightmare, and his 'bedside manner' has helped my Mother hold it together. He is an example of how all police should strive to act and I will forever be in his debt for watching out for my Mother.